• Berlin porcelain chocolate cup and trembleuse, c. 1770
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Berlin porcelain chocolate cup and trembleuse, c. 1770.

Rare Berlin porcelain chocolate cup, cover and trembleuse stand, c. 1770. The twin handled cup, with a lightly moulded basket weave rim, painted in the Meissen style, with panels of figures, in landscapes, on a burnished gold ground. Surmounted by a similarly decorated domed cover, and having a bud finial.
Set upon a similarly decorated stand,having a spray of Deutsche Blumen to the centre, of the pierced gallery. The underside glazed in turquoise.

Underglaze blue Sceptre mark, and gilt ‘15’ to the cup and stand. Impressed ‘H’ to the stand.

Height of cup and cover – 11 cm, 4 3/8”.
Diameter of stand – 14.5 cm, 5 3/4”.

Medium: Porcelain

Condition: Wear to the gilding. No damage. No restoration.