• Cantonese porcelain vase, Chinese, c. 1880. Guangxu Period
  • Cantonese porcelain vase, Chinese, c. 1880. Guangxu Period
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Cantonese porcelain vase, Chinese, c. 1880. Guangxu Period.

Chinese porcelain vase, c. 1880, Qing Dynasty. Finely hand painted in Cantonese style, with chilong edged panels of figures around a building, in a garden. The borders and neck painted with censer and gourd shaped panels, containing further figures, upon a ground painted with butterflies, and Buddhistic emblems, amongst flowering plants.

The vase having moulded and gilded chilong, with twin lion dog handles, beneath the flared rim.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 42.7 cm, 16 3/4”.

Width: 22 cm, 8 5/8”.

Condition: Very minor wear to the enamels, and gilding, commensurate with the age of the vase. No damage. No restoration.