• Chelsea porcelain figure ‘The Farmer’, c. 1765
  • Chelsea porcelain figure ‘The Farmer’, c. 1765
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  • 87F2F639-E49E-411E-95B5-1787DB146AE1
  • A5481233-6199-4401-956F-04852799E7DE

Chelsea porcelain figure ‘The Farmer’, c. 1765.

Rare Chelsea porcelain figure, c. 1760. Modelled as a Farmer, wearing 18th Century costume, of a pink jacket and breeches elaborately painted with peacock feathers, whilst carrying a large scythe. He stands before a flowering tree, upon which rests his small barrel of beer, above his lunch wrapped in a large flowered cloth.
Set upon a circular flower strewn, grassy mound base, edged with moulded rocaille, heightened in gilt.

Gold Anchor mark to the tree.

Height: 21.5 cm, 8 1/2”.

Width: 11.5 cm, 4 1/2”.

Depth: 7.7 cm, 3”.

Condition: Chips to the leaves and flowers