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Chinese Porcelain Garniture of ‘Imari’ Vases, circa 1720, Kangxi Period

A rare garniture of large Chinese ‘Imari’ porcelain vases and covers, circa 1720, Kangxi period. Each elegant baluster shaped vase, well painted in the Imari style, with exotic birds, perched on rocks, amongst a profusion of flowering plants. The covers similarly decorated, and surmounted with gilt lion dog finials.

Measures: Height 37 cm, 14 1/2”.
Diameter 15 cm, 5 7/8”.

Condition: Chips to rims of covers repaired. Chips to rims of two necks repaired. Otherwise in excellent condition. No cracks.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 37.00 cm, 15"

Width: 15.00 cm, 6"

Depth: 15.00 cm, 6"

Condition: Good