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Chinese porcelain Guanyin & stand, Qing Dynasty.


A fine and large Chinese porcelain figure of Guanyin, and stand, c. 1830, Qing Period. The deity modelled standing, holding a scroll in her right hand, and wearing a floral decorated robe, beneath a vibrantly enamelled cloak, edged in Canton style with flowers on a gilt ground.
She wears a serene expression on her face, whilst her hair is swept up into a chignon, in turn covered by a long puce enamelled cowl, enriched with blue flower heads and iron red scrolling foliage.
The Goddess stands upon a seperate lotus scroll base, above crashing waves.

Height – 47.5 cm, 18 1/2”.

Width – 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.

Depth – 15.2 cm, 6”.

Condition – Repair to chipped fingers on left hand. Some typicle wear to the glaze.