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Chinese porcelain rouleau vase, 19th C. Qing Dynasty.

Chinese porcelain ‘rouleau’ vase, 19th Century, Qing Dynasty. The vase well painted in wucai or famille verte enamels, with a panel of ladies, observing a rabbit, in a garden,  before a pavilion. A group of four men converse, before trees, and a mountainous landscape. Swirling clods and wind painted in iron red.

The collar painted with panels containing Buddhistic emblems, on a cell diaper ground. The neck painted with boys in a garden, beneath a rim painted with a continuous iron red whorl motif.

Underglaze blue centric circles painted to the base, within an unglazed foot rim.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 45.5 cm, 17 7/8”.

Width: 17.5 cm, 6 7/8”.

Condition: Some fritting to the rim, and minor wear to the enamel - please see images for detail.No restoration.