• Chinese porcelain rouleau vase, 19th C. Qing Dynasty.
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  • Chinese porcelain rouleau vase, 19th C. Qing Dynasty.

Chinese porcelain rouleau vase, 19th C. Qing Dynasty.

Chinese porcelain ‘rouleau’ vase, 19th Century, Qing Dynasty. The vase well painted in wucai or famille verte enamels, with a panel of ladies, observing a rabbit, in a garden,  before a pavilion. A group of four men converse, before trees, and a mountainous landscape. Swirling clods and wind painted in iron red.

The collar painted with panels containing Buddhistic emblems, on a cell diaper ground. The neck painted with boys in a garden, beneath a rim painted with a continuous iron red whorl motif.

Underglaze blue centric circles painted to the base, within an unglazed foot rim.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 45.5 cm, 17 7/8”.

Width: 17.5 cm, 6 7/8”.

Condition: Some fritting to the rim, and minor wear to the enamel - please see images for detail.No restoration.