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Chinese ‘Ten Views of Jiangxi Province’ Dish, Tongzhi Mark and Period


Chinese porcelain dish, Tongzhi mark and period (1862-1874). Well painted in famille rose or fencai enamels, with a titled scene reading ‘Teng ge gao feng’ that may be translated as ‘High Winds at the Pavilion of Prince Teng’, circa 1865. The mountainous rivers cape depicts boats sailing past the pavilion.
Within a gilt rim. The reverse with three stylized bats, painted in iron red.
Tongzhi seal mark in iron red to the reverse.
Measures: Diameter 13.5 cm, 5 3/8”.
Condition: Minor wear to the gilt rim.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 2.00 cm, 1"

Condition: Good