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Chinese wood figure, Buddha and He He Erxian twins. Qing Dynasty.

Chinese hardwood figure of Buddha and the He He Erxian twins, 19th Century, Qing Dynasty. Beautifully, and amusingly carved as Buddha, seated cross legged, and with an amused expression, whilst the twins attend to him. His face is particularly well carved, with the addition of inlaid eyes and teeth. A fly whisk emerges over his left shoulder, and drapes over the finely detailed folds of his robes.

Bearing a good patination.

Medium: Wood

Height: 14.5 cm, 5 3/4”.

Width: 7.5 cm, 3”.

Depth: 8.5 cm, 3 1/4”.

Condition: Age crack to the left leg of one twin. Please see image for detail. No restoration.