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Coalport porcelain vase & cover. Tom Keeling, c. 1900.


A fine and rare Coalport porcelain vase and cover, c. 1900. Beautifully painted by Tom Keeling, with a panel of a young girl, standing in a rural setting, within a highly worked, elaborate gilt scroll frame, edged in gilt flowering plants. All upon an underglaze cobalt blue ground.
The reverse gilded with a large scroll, within grasses.
Set upon a scroll footed circular pedestal, and having elaborate gilt scroll handles.
Having a domed cover, surmounted by a gilt leaf scroll finial.

Signed – T. Keeling.

Printed green factory marks to the vase and cover, and gilt pattern numbers to both pieces.

Height: 26.5 cm, 10 3/8”.

Width: 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Depth: 9 cm, 3 1/2”.

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.