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English Creamware ‘Success to Ship Trade’ mug, c. 1790.

Fine English creamware mug, c. 1790. Printed in black with a scene of Britannia seated upon a rock, with a sailor smoking a pipe, above cases of merchandise. Looking out to sea, there are three ships. Inscribed ‘Success to the Ship Trade’, and ‘May Peace and Plenty on our Nation smile. And Trade & Commerce bless one British Isle’.
Heightened in coloured enamels.
All beneath a black line rim.
The cases are inscribed with the initials ‘L & D, P. S. P’. 

Medium: Earthenware

Height: 12 cm, 4 3/4”.

Width: 12cm, 4 3/4”.

Depth: 9 cm, 3 3/4”.

Condition: Typical minor wear to the enamel. No damage. No restoration.