• English pottery ‘Prattware’ cottage money box, c. 1830
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  • English pottery ‘Prattware’ cottage money box, c. 1830
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English pottery ‘Prattware’ cottage money box, c. 1830.

An English pottery ‘Prattware’ money box, North East Potteries, c. 1830. Modelled as a small cottage, with two childrens faces appearing at the upstairs windows. The gable ends, moulded with trees, and the whole being set upon a mound base.
The buff ground decorated in typical North East England Pratt type glazes of black, and puce, beneath a pearlware glaze.

Medium: Earthenware

Height: 12 cm, 4 3/4”.

Width: 7.8 cm, 3 1/8”.

Depth: 7 cm, 2 3/4”.

Condition: Chip to chimney, and edge of roof at the gable end - please see images for detail.