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Flight Barr & Barr Worcester vase, ‘The Minstrel’, Thomas Baxter, c. 1815.


Flight Barr & Barr Worcester porcelain vase, c. 1815. Painted by Thomas Baxter, with a titled panel ‘The Minstrel’, depicting a man seated on a rock, with a stag. His harp resting at his side, in a rural landscape.Upon an apple green ground.
The beaded vase having twin gilt scroll handles, terminating in flowerheads. Set upon a square pedestal base, edged in brown enamel and gilt.

Titled ‘The MINSTREL’, with rhyming couplet to the base in script.

Impressed Crown and FBB mark to the base, and address in script to the underside of the base.

Height: 17 cm, 6 3/4”.

Width: 12.5 cm, 4 7/8”.

Depth: 9.8 cm, 3 7/8”.

Condition: Minor scratch to the enamel panel. Excellent condition. No damage. No restoration.