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Genryusai Seiya silvered bronze Sea Eagle okimono, Japan, Meiji Period.

A fine Japanese silvered bronze okimono of a Sea Eagle, Genryusai Seiya, Meiji Period (1868 -1912). The powerfully modelled bird of prey, is beautifully detailed, with silvered plumage, gilded legs, and claws, with extremely sharp shakudo talons. The beak similarly decorated, whilst his piercing eyes, focussed on his prey, are further decorated in gilt and shakudo.
Genryusai Seiya signature to a silvered tablet, beneath the eagle.

Set upon its original, and elaborate wood base.

Height of eagle – 27 cm, 10 5/8”.
Length of eagle – 38 cm, 15”.

Overall height, including stand – 43 cm, 17”.

Condition: Excellent condition.