• Imari ‘Black Ship’ fluted deep bowl, 19th Century
  • Imari ‘Black Ship’ fluted deep bowl, 19th Century
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  • EE4305DE-DF34-4E9B-95AB-E2DC574D2B51

Imari ‘Black Ship’ fluted deep bowl, 19th Century.

A fine Japanese porcelain ‘Black Ship’ fluted deep bowl, 19th Century. The large chrysanthemum moulded bowl, well painted to the centre, with a circular panel, painted with a Dutch merchant ship, within a cobalt blue surround, painted in gilt with two dragons. The broad border painted with pairs of Dutch traders, interspersed with further panels of ships, and stylised coats of arms, upon a textile design of dense diaper motif.
The exterior, with continuous floral scroll, divided by two panels containing ships.
‘Ju’ mark in gilt within a blue seal, to the base.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 14 cm, 5 1/2”.

Width: 28.5 cm, 11 1/4”.

Condition: Firing cracks to the footrim. No damage. No restoration.