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Imperial Satsuma Earthenware Koro and Cover, circa 1880, Meiji Period

A large Imperial Satsuma earthenware koro and cover. Meiji Period (1868-1912). The cylindrical koro, applied with twin angular handles, and hand painted with flowering plants around a banded fence, heightened in gilt. The borders enameled with fan shaped panels containing Buddhistic objects, and circular panels of kanji characters.
The angular handles decorated with a continuous gilt key fret motif. Having a pierced cover, surmounted by a bud finial.
Signed: ??????????? Dai-Nihon Satsuma-yaki, Hyakushubeni-ga (Painted by Hyakushubeni, Satsuma ware, Great Japan) Satsuma Mon.

Measures: Height 21 cm, 8 2/8”.
Width 18 cm, 7 1/8”, across handles.

Condition: Finial re attached. Otherwise perfect condition.

Medium: Earthenware

Height: 21.00 cm, 8"

Width: 18.00 cm, 7"

Depth: 14.00 cm, 6"