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Japanese bronze elephant okimono, Mitsumoto saku. Meiji Period.


A fine and large Japanese bronze okimono, Omori Mitsumoto (Kogetsu) Saku, Meiji Period. Finely cast, as an elephant throwing a tiger with his trunk, whilst a further tiger is trapped beneath him. The details of the elephants skin, and tigers stripes finely rendered, and all the animals furnished with glass eyes.
Set upon the original hard wood stand.

Signed Omori Misumoto Saku, within a rectangular cartouche, to the base.
This is a particulary finely observed and worked example of one of the most popular subjects in Japanese sculptural art.

Height including stand – 68.6 cm, 27”.
Height of okimono – 50 cm, 19 5/8”.
Width of okimono – 39.5 cm, 15 1/2”.



Medium: Bronze

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No repair.