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Japanese Gilt Bronze Okimono of a Boy, Miyao Eisuke, Meiji Period

A fine Japanese bronze okimono, by Miyao Eisuke, Meiji Period (1868-1912). Charmingly modelled as a young, smiling boy, dressed as a Samurai. He stands, wearing a knee length tunic, cast and engraved with stylised floral motif, the flower heads being gilded. He wears his kubota, over his shoulders, and tied at the front; whilst his wakazashi hangs to his left. In his right hand he holds what appears to be a ceremonial chigiriki, with an elaborate gilt tassel to one end, and suspended from a gilt twine, with a smaller tassel, in his left hand.
The figure is pegged to its original harwood base, which had gilt lacquered decoration, in typical style, with a Phoenix amongst elaborate karakusa scrollwork.
Engraved signature ’Miyao Eisuke’ to the boys robe.

Measures: Height 17.5cm, 6 7/8”.
Height of figure 13.5 cm, 5 2/8”.
Width of base 10.5 cm, 4 1/8”.
Depth of base 7.7 cm, 3”.

Condition: Excellent, original condition.

Medium: Bronze

Height: 17.50 cm, 7"

Width: 13.50 cm, 5"

Depth: 7.70 cm, 3"