• Japanese ‘Imari’ tankard, Arita, c.1700, Edo Period
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  • Japanese ‘Imari’ tankard, Arita, c.1700, Edo Period
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Japanese ‘Imari’ tankard, Arita, c.1700, Edo Period.

A large Japanese ‘Imari’ tankard, Arita, c. 1700. Edo Period. The elegant tankard, painted with three panels of flowering plants, amongst rocks, upon a cobalt blue ground, gilded with textile designs, above a continuous lappet motif. The loop handle painted with stylised floral scroll.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 22 cm, 8 5/8”.

Width: 16 cm, 6 1/4”.

Depth: 12.5 cm, 4 7/8”.

Condition: ‘Tinkers’ repair to handle and body - please see images for detail.