• B24676F0-04AB-44AD-AC51-548B7711B2BB
  • B24676F0-04AB-44AD-AC51-548B7711B2BB
  • 52A2E363-7E7F-465A-9A4B-6DF7460C9E7A
  • 9EDBA070-FF85-47F1-9175-B7DA151253D0
  • B99A7C8E-5474-45F7-BE9B-0BB050DAEC89
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  • AAE56467-9566-47D4-8F40-6D0C8265923F
  • B778CD5E-C788-43E3-A237-AE6087E10F52
  • 4DF32549-63AC-4882-808C-2DFF1E9869ED
  • E391EA3E-A56A-4880-A4A0-7906D340E91E
  • 6EF5D6BD-AE54-475F-A58B-43BBDA5ECC25
  • 12E2FBD9-B698-47B6-A7BE-66655283DEF8
  • 7265ED63-82FC-4EDE-AF3A-805FD8496853
  • EBA6F0F2-E494-40DA-A197-FB3A71FF03DF

Japanese silvered bronze Manchurian Crane, Hidenao, Meiji Period.

Japanese bronze and mixed metal okimono of a Manchurian Crane, signed Hidenao, Meiji Period. The finely cast bronze Crane, modelled, standing upon a shaped wood base, observing its environment. Having finely rendered and silvered plumage, whilst it’s head and tail feathers detailed in shakudo. The eyes inset in gilt and shakudo, whilst he stands upon shibuichi legs.

Engraved signature – Hidenao in an oval reserve to the underside of the body.

Height: 28.6 cm, 11 1/2”.

Width: 18.5 cm, 7 1/4”.

Depth: 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.