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Kakiemon Porcelain Water Dropper, Daikoku, circa 1680, Edo Period


A rare Kakiemon porcelain water dropper, Edo Period, cica 1680. Modelled as Daikoku, The god of good fortune, standing upon two large bales of rice and wearing a broad smile. He has a large sack over his left shoulder, whilst holding his mallet in his right hand. His robes are enameled with textile motifs, in typical Kakiemon style.
The flat base with lightly impressed gauze pattern.

Measures: Height 8 cm, 3 1/8”.
Width 5.1 cm, 2”.
Depth 5.1 cm, 2”.

Condition – Firing cracks and typical wear to the enamels. No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 8.00 cm, 3"

Width: 5.10 cm, 2"

Depth: 5.10 cm, 2"

Condition: Good