Lloyd of Shelton figure of ‘Lion and Lamb’, c. 1836.


Staffordshire porcellaneous group, by John and Rebecca Lloyd of Shelton, c. 1836. Modelled as a recumbent lion, and a lamb, set upon a rounded rectangular base. The lions mane created from shredded clay, as is the lamb – a feature of the wares produced by this factory.
The base decorated with gilt lines, and a stylised acanthus leaf motif.

In 1836, the future Queen Victoria visited two separate performances by the famous lion tamer Van Ambrugh, at Drury Lane, whose act included a depiction of the biblical legend of a lion lain with a lamb. Such figures are inspired by this performance.



Medium: Porcellaneous

Height: 10.5 cm, 4 1/8”.

Width: 12.7 cm, 5”.

Depth: 7.2 cm, 2 7/8”.

Condition: Small chip to rear of base. No restoration.