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  • B219B21A-20D9-47FA-8696-84683399839C
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Meissen ‘Cris de Paris’ figure, ‘Bakers Companion’, c. 1755.


Meissen porcelain figure, ‘Cris de Paris’ series, c. 1755. Finely modelled by Johann Joachim Kändler, as the ‘Bakers Companion’ – the young dancing girl, dressed in 18th Century costume, holding the hems of her ‘Indianische Blumen’ decorated apron.
Set upon a rocaille moulded base, edged in gilt, and encrusted with flowers.

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark to the rear of the figure.

Height: 18.5 cm, 7 1/4”.

Width: 11.5 cm, 4 1/2”.

Condition: Break to one finger, and bow on left foot. Otherwise excellent condition