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Meissen figure ‘Touch’ from The Senses’, c. 1870.

?SOLD Meissen porcelain figure group ‘Touch’, c. 1870. After a model by Johann Carl Schonheit, the group is finely modelled as a young lady, seated next to a table, upon which stands a beautifully gilded cage. The girl is amused by a brightly enamelled bird, perched  at the door of the cage.

Set upon a shaped rectangular base, with a continuous lappet moulded foot rim, enamelled in pink, and heightened with gilding.

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark, and incised model number ‘E4’ to the base.


Medium: Porcelain

Height: 14.5 cm, 5 3/4”.

Width: 9.5 cm, 3 3/4”.

Depth: 8.3 cm, 3 1/4”.

Condition: Excellent condition. No restoration.