• Meissen porcelain figure, ‘Dame mit Faecher’, Paul Scheurich
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  • Meissen porcelain figure, ‘Dame mit Faecher’, Paul Scheurich
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Meissen porcelain figure, ‘Dame mit Faecher’, Paul Scheurich.

Meissen porcelain figure ‘Dame mit Farcher’, modelled by Professor Paul Sceurich, in 1929.
The elegant lady having short, waved hair, wearing an evening dress designed to accentuate her figure, and carries a large ostrich feather fan in her left hand, against her right hip.
Set upon a square shaped base, the figures details are highlighted in tangerine, and subtle skin tones.

Moulded signature to the side, ‘SCHEURICH 29’.
Crossed swords in underglaze blue, model number ‘73342’, and date code for 2006, to the base.

Paul Sceurich designed 106 models at Meissen. ‘Dame mit Faecher’, was exhibited at the Paris World Exhibition, 1937, and along with several other models, won the Grand Prix.
A similar coloured model is illustrated in Meissener Porzellan 1918-1933, Die Pfeifferzeit, Caren Marusch -Krohn, figure 73, along with details of his work at Meissen.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 47.5 cm, 18 5/8”.

Width: 24 cm, 9 1/2”.

Depth: 15 cm, 5 7/8”.

Condition: Perfect