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Meissen porcelain figure ‘Europa and the Bull’, c. 1870.


Meissen porcelain figure group, Europa and the Bull, c. 1870. Finely modelled with Europa wearing flowing robes, seated upon a large bull. She holds a garland of flowers, and is attended by a Cupid. Her dress painted with groups of flowers.
Set upon a large oval, grassy mound base, edged in gilt rocaille.

Crossed swords mark in underglaze blue. Impressed model number ‘K70’, to the base.

Length – 21.5 cm, 9 5/8”.

Height – 24.2 cm, 9 5/8”.

Depth – 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.

Condition – Excellent.

In mythology, the God Zeus, or Jupiter, appeared before Europa as a bull, and persuaded her to climb onto his back. He rode off into the sea, and carried her to Crete, where he revealed himself. Europa became the first Queen of Crete and bore Zeus three children.