• Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.
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  • Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.
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Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.


A fine and large Meissen porcelain group, c. 1870. The group modelled as figures in 18th Century costume, comprising a young man pours a glass of wine for a girl, whilst he holds a violin and bow, whilst she carries a scroll of music. Behind them, a young girl plays a lute, whilst a boy reaches up to her. A putti plays a tambourine, whilst riding a goat, which is being fed by another putti. A further putti holds a dove in his right hand.
All set upon a mound base, edged in gilt rocaille.
Modelled after Michel Victor Acier.

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark, and incised model number ‘C59’ to the base.

Height: 36 cm, 14 1/4”.

Width: 21 cm, 8 1/4”.

Condition: Typical repairs to minor chips to the leaves. Otherwise in excellent condition.