• Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.
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  • Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.
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Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870.


A fine and large Meissen porcelain group, c. 1870. The group modelled as figures in 18th Century costume, comprising a young man pours a glass of wine for a girl, whilst he holds a violin and bow, whilst she carries a scroll of music. Behind them, a young girl plays a lute, whilst a boy reaches up to her. A putti plays a tambourine, whilst riding a goat, which is being fed by another putti. A further putti holds a dove in his right hand.
All set upon a mound base, edged in gilt rocaille.
Modelled after Michel Victor Acier.

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark, and incised model number ‘C59’ to the base. height 36 cm, c. 21 cm
underglaze blue crossed swords mark, second half of the 19th century, model C 59, by Michel Victor Acier 1768–1770 (Ru)

Height: 36 cm, 14 1/4”.

Width: 21 cm, 8 1/4”.

Condition: Typical repairs to minor chips to the leaves. Otherwise in excellent condition.