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  • 07CE9C3F-1BA7-4425-B0B2-27D1135F7405
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Meissen porcelain group of putti, ‘Senses’, c. 1870.

Meissen porcelain figure group, c. 1870. Finely modelled as a gathering of putti, representing the Senses. One cherub holding a telescope, and a pair of spectacles, another a bell, and a flute. A seated putti, prepares to cut an apple, whilst another smells a flower, that he has taken from the basket of flowers at his side.
The last putti, listens to a parrot, stood on his right hand.
All around a small tree, upon a grassy mound base, moulded with continuous rocaille, heightened in gilt.

Crossed swords mark in underglaze blue, and incised model number ‘1770’ to the underside of the base.

Height: 15.4 cm, 6 1/8”.

Width: 14.3 cm, 5 5/8”.

Depth: 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Condition: Excellent.