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Meissen porcelain group ‘The Good Mother’, c. 1870.


Meissen porcelain group, ‘The Good Mother’, c. 1870. Modelled after Michel Victor Acier, as a family group of a mother seated on a chair, playing cards with her children. She holds the toddler, seated upon her knee, whilst one of her sons, clambers upon an arm of the chair. Her other son, sits on a stool, showing cards to the toddler.
All the figures wearing 18th Century costume, set upon, an oval, cobble stoned, mound base, edged with a continuous lappet moulding.

Blue crossed swords mark, and incised model number ‘E69’ to the underside of the base.

Height – 22.2 cm, 8 3/4”.

Width – 17 cm, 6 5/8”.

Depth – 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Condition – High quality repair to toddlers fingers on left hand. Otherwise excellent condition.