• Meissen porcelain ‘Puce ground’ bowl, c. 1740
  • Meissen porcelain ‘Puce ground’ bowl, c. 1740
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  • C39431E7-B2EE-44D2-B804-EC82F42C74FD

Meissen porcelain ‘Puce ground’ bowl, c. 1740.


Meissen porcelain bowl, c. 1740. The puce ground bowl, finely painted to the front, with a shaped panel, contains a couple wearing 18th Century costume, seated in a rural landscape. The reverse with a similar panel, of figures conversing, before a river.
The interior with an en puce camaieu painted scene of merchants in a harbour scene. All on a gold ground.

Underglaze blue crossed swords mark to the base.

Diameter – 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.

Height – 8 cm, 3 1/8”.

Condition: Slight wear to the gilding, commensurate with the bowls age. No damage. No restoration.