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Meissen Porcelain Teapot and Cover, circa 1740

A fine Meissen porcelain teapot and cover, circa 1740. Well painted with scenes of peasants going about their daily life, in rural landscapes, after Teniers. Interspersed with floral sprays. The teapot has a spout moulded as a mythical beast, and a scroll handle, with shell moulded thumb piece. Heightened in gilt.
The cover is similarly painted, and is surmounted by a bud finial.
Crossed swords mark in underglaze blue.

Measures: Height 11 cm, 4 3/8”.
Length 20.5 cm, 8 1/8”.

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 11.00 cm, 4"

Width: 20.50 cm, 8"

Depth: 9.00 cm, 4"