• Mintons porcelain plate, signed L.E.Sieffert, c. 1880
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  • Mintons porcelain plate, signed L.E.Sieffert, c. 1880

Mintons porcelain plate, signed L.E.Sieffert, c. 1880.

An exceptionally fine Mintons porcelain plate, signed by Louis Eugene Sieffert, c. 1880, for A.B. Daniell & Son, Wigmore Street, London. Beautifully hand painted with a titled scene ‘Le Tartufe’, depicting three children in Period French costume, performing part of the comedy play by Moliere, first performed in 1664.
Within a turquoise ground border, finely embellished with panels of musical instruments, suspended from floral swags, tied with bows, in tooled gilt.

Inscribed title to the reverse, in puce.

Gilded retailers mark.

Impressed ‘Mintons’ mark, to the reverse.

Diameter – 24.5 cm, 9 5/8”.

Condition – Perfect.

Medium: Porcelain