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Miyao Eisuke gilt bronze figure ‘Lantern Hanger’. Japan, c.1900, Meiji Period.

Japanese gilt bronze figure by Miyao Eisuke of Yokohama, c. 1900, Meiji Period.’The Lantern Hanger’. Finely cast, as a man hanging lanterns for the festival of Obon. In his left hand carries a large lantern, adorned with three gilt characters, and a detachable hanging pole in his right hand. His kimono cast, engraved and gilded with carp that have transformed into dragons, flying through clouds.
Set upon a typical wooden stand, decorated in gilt with karakusa scroll.

Signed Miyao Eisuke, in a gilt reserve.

Height of figure – 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.

Height including stand and pole – 26 cm, 10 1/8”.

Width – 11 cm, 4 3/8”.

The festival of Obon takes place in July or August, and traditionally involves families hanging lanterns to guide and welcome the souls of their returning ancestors.

Condition: Excellent.