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  • 1604033E-E76E-4A65-8332-2D51D8F7C2A3
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Pair Derby porcelain bocage candlesticks, c. 1765.


Pair of Derby porcelain bocage candlesticks, c. 1765. Modelled as a boy and girl gathering flowers in their aprons, before elaborate bocage. Each figure with a candle sconce issuing from the bocage.
Set upon elaborate rococo scroll bases, edged in enamel and gilt.

Height: 19cm, 7 1/2”.

Width: 16.5 cm, 6 1/2”.

Depth: 8.5 cm, 3 3/8”.

Condition: Typical chips to the flowers. Repair to one scroll on the girls base. 19th C. replacement sconces.