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Pair Japanese Imari porcelain vases and covers, c. 1690. Genroku Period.

Pair of Japanese Arita porcelain vases and covers, late 17th Century, Genroku Period (1688 – 1704). The hexagonal shaped vases, painted in Imari style, to one side with a vase of flowers, before a garden fence; the reverse with flowering plants before a garden fence. The two panels divided by borders, painted with elaborate tassels, beneath a neck painted with a continuous band of flowering plants.
The covers similarly decorated, and surmounted with a tear drop finial.
Both vases having French ormolu mounts, cast with flowers and scrolls, to the base, and a continuous lappet motif to the necks.

Height – 31 cm, 12 1/4”.
Width – 14.5 cm, 5 3/4”.

Condition – Excellent. Typical minor wear to the gilding. No cracks.No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 31.00 cm, 12"

Width: 14.50 cm, 6"

Depth: 14.50 cm, 6"