• Pair Masons Ironstone tureens, covers and stands, c. 1815.
  • Pair Masons Ironstone tureens, covers and stands, c. 1815.
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  • 2014EDDE-2EDA-4689-9BE9-EA7FA26BC1E2
  • FA89756B-08E9-48E7-B202-EB7592F3DFFF

Pair Masons Ironstone tureens, covers and stands, c. 1815.

A fine pair of Masons Ironstone sauce tureens, covers and stands, c. 1815. The hexagonal shaped tureens, exuberantly painted in vibrant enamels, underglaze blue and gilding, with flowering plants. Grotesque beast handles, terminating in scroll attachments to the bodies of the tureens, decorated in underglaze blue, heightened in gilt. Having similarly decorated covers, with large flower head and leaf finial, and cut with a recess for a ladle.
The hexagonal stands, similarly decorated.

Impressed mark ‘Masons Patent Ironstone China’ to the bases of one stand, and one tureen.

Medium: Ironstone

Height: 19 cm, 7 1/2”

Width: 21 cm, 8 1/4”.

Depth: 16 cm, 6 1/4”.

Condition: Typical minor wear to the gilding. NO damage. NO restoration.