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Pair Meissen porcelain ‘Vintners & Companion’, c. 1870.


A fine pair of Meissen porcelain figures, c. 1870. Modelled after Michel Victor Acier, and based on a drawing by Johan Schenau, as a Vintner and Companion.
Both figures dressed in 18th Century attire, and standing next to barrels of wine, upon tree stumps. The man holds a tap in his left hand, whilst tapping his barrel, with his right hand. Meanwhile, the lady pours wine into her barrel, with the use of a jug, and a funnel.
Set upon circular bases, with continuous key moulded motif to the edge, heightened in gilt.

Underglaze blue crossed swords marks to the underside of both figures, along with incised model number F80.

Height – 17.5 cm, 6 7/8”.

Width – 9 cm, 3 1/2”.

Condition – Repair to tap in man’s left hand. Otherwise excellent condition.