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Pair Staffordshire porcellaneous Spaniels, c. 1840.


A very attractive pair of Staffordshire porcellaneous Spaniels, c. 1840. Both dogs seated, having seperately modelled front legs, and well delineated moulding of their hair. Boldly enamelled with liver red spots, feathered at the edges, and wearing gilt lockets, attached to their collars.

Height – 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Width – 11.5 cm, 4 1/2”.

Depth – 7.5 cm, 3”.

Condition – Some firing cracks to the bodies, as part of the manufacturing process. Typical minor wear to the gilt and enamels. No restoration.

See A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs, Clive Mason Pope, fig.47, p.99 for a similar pair.