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Prattware Pottery Jug ‘Admiral Duncan’, circa 1798

Staffordshire pottery ‘Prattware’ jug, circa 1798. Made to commemorate Admiral Duncan, and his role at the Battle of Camperdown. Moulded to both sides, with three quarter length portraits of Admiral Duncan above dolphins, and between ships. The base and the neck, moulded with continuous bands of acanthus leaf; the whole decorated in rich ‘Pratt’ glazes. Having a simple loop handle, moulded with a further acanthus leaf.
Inscribed ‘AdmL. Duncan.’

Measures: Height 12.8 cm, 5 1/8”.
Width 12 cm, 4 3/4”.
Depth 9 cm, 3 1/2”.

Condition: Chip to rim, please see images for detail.

Medium: Earthenware

Height: 12.80 cm, 5"

Width: 12.00 cm, 5"

Depth: 9.00 cm, 4"