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Prattware Toby Jug, Yorkshire Potteries, c. 1820.

A Yorkshire Potteries Prattware Toby jug, c. 1820. The finely modelled Toby Jug, typically modelled, as a seated toper, wearing 18th Century clothes, holding a large jug of ale, with his pipe at his side. He wears a tricking hat, which forms the spout of the jug.
Set upon a squared base, with canted corners.
Decorated in Pratt colours, beneath a pearlware glaze.

Height – 21.5 cm, 8 1/2”.
Width – 10.2 cm, 4”.
Depth – 10.5 cm, 4 1/8”.

Condition – Repair to three small chips on the brim of the hat. Typical minor wear to the glaze.