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Rare and large Staffordshire figure ‘Babes in the Woods’, c. 1830.


A very rare, and extremely large Staffordshire porcelaneous group,’Babes in the Woods’ spill vase group, c. 1830. Finely modelled, as two young girls, their details picked out in flesh tones, sleeping beneath an arbor, between two trees acting as spill vases. The leaves and flowers are well modelled, and painted in a style reminiscent of those found on Coalport pastille burners, of the period.
This unusual and elaborate group, is set upon a gilt edged rococo scroll moulded base.

Height – 34.3 cm, 13 1/2”.

Width – 31 cm, 12 1/4”.

Depth – 17.5 cm, 6 7/8”.

The images cannot convey the size and scale of this exceptionally large figure group.

Condition – Some typical firing faults, and wear to the enamels and gilt – please see images for detail. No restoration.