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Rare Derby porcelain figure of Belisarius and his Daughter, c. 1820.


A rare Derby porcelain figure of Belisarius and his daughter, c. 1820. Probably modelled by J.J. Spangler, as a young woman, wearing 18th Century costume, supporting her elderly, blind father, who wears Classical attire, and a turban. They stand upon a gilt lined grassy mound circular base, strewn with flowering plants.
Incised model number ‘370’ to the underside of the base.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 26.5 cm, 10 3/8”.

Width: 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Depth: 13 cm, 5 1/8”.

Condition: Repair to his left hand and stick. To the feathers and brim of her hat. Minor wear to the overglaze enamels.