• Rare Derby porcelain two part vase. Daniel Lucas, c. 1810.
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  • Rare Derby porcelain two part vase. Daniel Lucas, c. 1810.
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Rare Derby porcelain two part vase. Daniel Lucas, c. 1810.

An exceptional and rare Derby porcelain two part vase, c. 1810. Finely painted in the manner of Daniel Lucas, with an oval panel, depicting a traveller riding a donkey before a river, in a woodland landscape. A ruined monastery, and a bridge in the background.
The panel suspended from a garland of vibrantly painted roses, tied beneath a blue bow knotted ribbon. Gilded insects are scattered around the salmon pink ground, and a continuous Greek key fret motif adorns the rim of the trumpet shaped vase.
Set upon a seperate twin handled lower section, of bulbous form, similarly decorated to the upper section.

Crossed batons and crown factory mark in iron red to the base.

Height – 35cm, 13 3/4”.

Diameter – 24 cm, 9 1/2”.

Similar vases are illustrated by John Twitchett, Derby Porcelain, p. 232, pl. 52.
Stanley W. Fisher, The Decoration of English Porcelain, p. 186, pl. 110.

Condition: Typical minor wear to the gilding, commensurate with the age of the vase.