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Rare English Pottery Mug ‘Fire Engine’, Dated 1876

A rare North England pearlware pottery mug, dated 1876. The waisted mug, printed in underglaze blue, with a titled scene ‘Fire Engine’, showing a horse drawn carriage, carrying firemen racing to a fire, in front of houses. The reverse with a scene entitled ‘Idler’, a father with his children looks on with derision, at a man with his dog, leaning nonchalantly, against a post.
Painted in black enamel with the initials W.S.T, and the date 1876.
All beneath a puce lined rim. The mug having a simple loop handle.

Measures: Height 9.3 cm, 3 5/8”.
Width 11 cm, 4 3/8”.
Depth 8.5 cm, 3 1/4”.

Condition: Typical wear to the glaze. No damage. No restoration.

Medium: Earthenware

Height: 9.30 cm, 4"

Width: 11.00 cm, 4"

Depth: 8.50 cm, 3"