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Rare English Pottery Slipware Flask of Queen Victoria, circa 1837

A very rare English pottery slipware flask, circa 1837. Made to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Victoria, after a painting by Sir George Haytor. Modelled with her majesty’s head forming the neck of the flask, and her voluminous gown, the body of the flask; wearing a crown, she holds a sceptre in her right hand. The red bodied flask with incised motif to the dress, covered in a brown glaze, and decorated in a yellow slip.

Measures: Height – 22.9 cm, 9”.
Diameter – 12.4 cm, 4 7/8”.

Condition – Some wear to the slip decoration. No restoration.

Height: 22.90 cm, 9"

Width: 12.40 cm, 5"

Depth: 12.40 cm, 5"