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Rare pair Staffordshire pottery Cats, c. 1850.


A rare and elegant pair of Staffordshire pottery cats, c. 1850. The seated cats having black and tan coloured spots, yellow eyes, and pink muzzles. They sit on orange cushion bases, edged in pink, beneath gilt lines, and have gilt tassels at each corner.

Height – 19.5 cm, 7 5/8”.

Width – 9.5 cm, 3 3/4”.

Depth – 7.7 cm, 3”.

Condition – Stress crack to back of one cat. Some minor wear to the enamels.

It is very rare to find a genuine, original pair of Staffordshire pottery cats of this type. Please do not mistake them for the much more commonly found and later Kent factory copies, which were made from the late 19th Century, through to the 1950s, then reproduced throughout the late 20th Century. Invariably such examples are incorrectly described as 19th Century on websites, and by most auctioneers, with limited knowledge of the subject.