• Royal Crown Derby vase and cover. Albert Gregory, d. 1900.
  • F2BBB2D8-A5C0-49B2-B0EE-3B32FCC17CC8
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  • F4BFF06C-4EFB-478C-B80D-1E654FAB6263

Royal Crown Derby vase and cover. Albert Gregory, d. 1900.

Royal Crown Derby porcelain vase and cover, dated 1900. The vase, finely painted by Albert Gregory, with a continuous band of flowers, between elaborate gilt scroll handles. and set upon a circular pedestal foot.
The cover similarly painted, and surmounted by a gilt finial.
Signed A. Gregory, and initialled A.G.
Printed iron red factory marks, and date code for 1900, to both pieces.

Height: 15.2 cm, 6”.

Width: 15.2 cm, 6”.

Depth: 11.2 cm, 4 3/8”.

Condition: Excellent. No damage. No restoration.