• Royal Worcester figure ‘Shaban’, James Hadley, c. 1895
  • Royal Worcester figure ‘Shaban’, James Hadley, c. 1895
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Royal Worcester figure ‘Shaban’, James Hadley, c. 1895.

Royal Worcester porcelain figure, modelled by James Hadley, c. 1895. From the ‘Indian Craftsmen’ series, this particular fine example is modelled as ‘Shaban the gold brocade maker, seated upon a mat, before his spinning wheel, wearing traditional costume.
Decorated in ‘Blush Ivory’ glazes, with the detail picked out in gilt and enamel.

Impressed and printed puce factory marks, and model number 1203, to the base.

Height: 15.5 cm, 6 1/8”.

Width: 12.7 cm, 5”.

Depth: 11.2 cm, 4 3/8”.

Condition: Very minor wear to the gilding. No damage. No restoration.