• Royal Worcester ‘Lowland Cattle’, vase and cover, Harry Stinton
  • Royal Worcester ‘Lowland Cattle’, vase and cover, Harry Stinton
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Royal Worcester ‘Lowland Cattle’, vase and cover, Harry Stinton, dated 1912.

Royal Worcester porcelain vase and cover, painted by Harry Stinton, dated 1912. Hand painted to the centre, with an oval gilt beaded panel of Lowland cattle in a river landscape, on a cobalt blue ground.
The vase having twin branch handles, moulded with cherry blossom, acanthus leaf moulding to the body, and set upon a square pedestal foot.
Surmounted by a circular domed cover, with a branch finial, heightened in gilt.

Signed – H. Stinton.

Printed puce factory mark, date mark for 1912, model number 2366 to the base.

Height: 22 cm, 8 5/8”.

Width: 8.5 cm, 3 1/4”.

Depth: 6.3 cm, 2 1/2”.

Condition: Excellent.