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Royal Worcester porcelain ‘Warwick Vase’, painted by Harry Davis, dated 1925

An exceptionally fine Royal Worcester porcelain ‘Warwick Vase’, signed by Harry Davis, dated 1925. This exceptional vase, finely painted with a panoramic, Italianate landscape – a farmer with his cattle, before a river, over which rises a viaduct, before castle ruins, upon hills. The panel framed with elaborate gilt scroll borders, upon a cobalt blue ground.
Having elaborately gilded twine handles, beneath a gilt gadrooned rim. Set upon a gilt wreath moulded circular footrim.
Signed – H. Davis.
Printed puce factory mark, and date code for 1925.

Height – 17.5 cm, 6 7/8”.
Diameter – 24.2 cm, 9 1/2”.

Condition – Perfect. No damage. No restoration.

Medium: Porcelain

Height: 17.50 cm, 7"

Condition: Good