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  • 219D397D-1899-4DA2-99B1-C32ED7E5B9BB
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Royal Worcester silver mounted Swans powder bowl, James Stinton, 1927.


Rare Royal Worcester porcelain, silver and glass powder bowl, James Stinton, 1927. The circular porcelain plaque, unusually painted with swans on a river, and signed by James Stinton.
The porcelain plaque is inset into a silver mount, which acts as the cover, and bears the marks for Sanders and Mackenzie, Birmingham, 1927. A mirror is set inside the cover.
Having a globular star cut glass bowl.

The plaque signed Jas. Stinton.

Silver hallmarks for Sanders & McKenzie, Birmingham, 1927.

Height – 6 cm, 2 3/8”.

Diameter – 7 cm, 2 3/4”.

Condition – Excellent. No damage. No restoration.